Category: Preparatory schools

Business profile: At Naima JPS we offer a warm, nurturing atmosphere that develops self confidence in our children, prepares them for the challenges ahead whilst never forgetting that childhood is a stage of life rather than a waiting room for adulthood.

Our curriculum offers the balance of an enriched secular education and a most comprehensive and fulfilling Jewish Studies programme of learning. The parents are extremely supportive of the school and this vital partnership is most important to the success of the child.

As a private school, we provide both the environment and teaching resources to monitor each individual, and to help children of all abilities to reach their full potential.

We are at the same time educating children in order to acquire a love of God and the Torah, and to have respect and appreciation for Israel, with emphasis on Sephardi tradition. We aim to impart knowledge and understanding of Torah and its Mitzvot so that the children conduct themselves according to Jewish practice and values in day to day life.

Naima Jewish Preparatory School

Address: 21 Andover Place, Kilburn, London NW6 5ED

Phone number: 020 7328 2802