LONDON, November 21, 2016

Italian shirt makers Neronote have released a video outlining how they view the future of online customization for men’s clothing. The video, which combines CGI and live action performances, highlights the simple process they offer men who seek to design their unique shirt. With choices as specific as measurements, designs of cuffs and collars, and precise selection of fabrics, the company is determined to change the way in which men order their clothes in the future.

The video outlines each step required, helping people all over the world speak the universal language of fashion. The state-of-the-art use of CGI offers an insight into how men might order clothes in the future, as well as highlighting the creativity and individuality it provides. With over 2000 different fabrics to choose from, Neronote is the pioneer in leading the revolution towards fully customizable clothing ordered from the internet, promising a two-week delivery to any office or residence in Europe, North America, and Australia.

“We understand how our clothes can have such an impact on our state of mind and comfort within our own bodies,” says a representative of Neronote. “We ensure that each one of our customers benefits from the service we provide to thousands of people every month.”

Combining four generations of expertise with digital innovation, specialists from Neronote believe that each item of clothing men wear should provide the opportunity to express their personality and individuality. Co-founders Gianluca Mei and Gianmarco Taccaliti combined their knowledge and experience of authentic shirt making with an unmatched instinct in e-commerce and online marketing to break into a niche in today’s market. Today, Neronote serves thousands of people around the world.

Established in 2011, London-based company Neronote has revolutionized the accessibility and convenience of made-to-measure shirts. Available in over 80 different countries, experts are trading quality fabrics and producing high-quality shirts that are unique to the customer based on specific measurements and requirements.