LONDON, September 7, 2016

Antrica, a worldwide supplier of H.264 video encoding, decoding and streaming solutions, today unveiled their plans to launch a product named the ‘SpotBox4K’ to the market soon. The product is a 4K modernized version of the traditional ‘Spot Monitor’.

The ‘SpotBox4K’ can decode up to 16 RTSP video IP streams in 1920 x 1080p and display in a quad view on a 4K/UHD monitor. Most commonly this would be utilized in the CCTV market, meaning you can have up to 16 IP ONVIF cameras programmed into the decoder, and then you can decide how to view within the 4K quad display.

Key benefits include:

– Low cost & simple to set up – simply connect to a monitor
– No need for a computer/NUK or VMS – reducing complexity & complications of the set up
– No need for a keyboard or mouse (remote included)
– Powerful chipset & processor which handles the frames very well with stability
– High resolution display (4 static x 1920 x 1080p streams possible with 4K up scaling)
– Auto reboot feature following power failure

The ‘SpotBox4K’ eliminates the need for an Intel® NUK or PC running software and using a keyboard and mouse. The box decodes the RTSP feeds directly on to a monitor without any operator intervention. The 4K capability also dramatically increases the detail available by displaying all 4 streams in their native 1920 x 1080 resolution, and can be upscaled when viewed in single stream viewing mode.

The decoder comes complete with advanced software to allow the user to manipulate the display of feeds. Each of the 4 quadrants can be programmed to switch stream viewing at any time frame required by the user. A remote control allows for simple user control by displaying any feed full screen or reverting to quad display.

Les Litwin Sales Director of Antrica commented: “An example of use of this product would be for CCTV IP camera monitoring – where the ‘SpotBox4K‘ is connected to the security personnel’s 4K / HD monitor. The security person can use the remote control to switch viewing feeds or view a single stream in more detail if the need arose. The quality of the 4K viewing resolution is a deterrent when security is involved as it can more easily pick out facial recognition & detail from a camera stream.”