LONDON, June 22, 2016

The fashion supply chain is both complex and agile. The advent of global supply, “fast fashion”, eCommerce, mobile commerce, social media and other digital trends means that the time from design to sale has reduced dramatically and that consumer choice and expectation has grown accordingly. Consumers are driving changes in the industry and the ability to listen to them and respond quickly while managing an ever-evolving supply chain is a huge challenge for fashion companies.

The position that an organisation holds in this chain, as well as the nature of its offering, will determine the challenges it faces and the technology and business process solutions that it needs.

Lumenia Consulting’s latest white paper ERP and Business Systems for the Fashion Industry addresses the factors that fashion and apparel companies need to consider when investing in new or replacement business systems to support their product development, supply chain, retail and back office operations.

The white paper examines the different perspectives that companies might need to consider based on supply chain position, organisation or group structure, geographical spread, brand offering (quality and price point) and whether the organisation owns and develops its own brands or markets others.

Also discussed are what types of systems can fulfil the needs of fashion companies, from specialist point solutions to integrated fashion focused ERP systems. As part of this discussion the key functional requirements that are important to fashion businesses in comparison to other businesses are outlined.

“The fashion industry has diverse and dynamic business systems requirements. If you are looking to modernise or replace your systems this white paper will prove invaluable reading,” commented Ian O’Toole, Principal Consultant at Lumenia Consulting.

Lumenia Consulting is an independent, boutique management consulting organisation, specialising in the development of business systems strategy and the selection and implementation of enterprise applications – particularly Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Operating from offices in Ireland and the UK, Lumenia have delivered ERP or CRM projects in well over 100 organisations across the world.