LONDON, September 12, 2016

S&P Global Market Intelligence Launches New Integrated Credit Analytics on its S&P Capital IQ Platform. Improved solution provides a single platform to monitor credit risk exposure.

S&P Global Market Intelligence, a division of S&P Global (NYSE: SPGI) offering global multi-asset class data solutions, market research and portfolio analytics to global investors, today announced it has launched a new Credit Analytics workflow solution via its S&P Capital IQ platform.

The new offering provides access to S&P Capital IQ’s powerful suite of credit risk analytics, fundamental and market data, on a new single, streamlined platform, allowing users a solution to address the challenges of analyzing and monitoring the creditworthiness of counterparties and investments. It is also available alongside RatingsDirect on the S&P Capital IQ platform, which delivers Credit Ratings and Research from S&P Global Ratings, to provide an integrated view of credit risk across rated and unrated portfolios.

“Prior to this launch, the Credit Analytics suite was available via a standalone platform, as well as an Excel Plug-in on the S&P Capital IQ platform. Our new, fully integrated Credit Analytics offering on the S&P Capital IQ Platform offers users enhanced models, a new credit surveillance dashboard, and customizable company tearsheets. Furthermore, it offers the ability to score rated, unrated, public and private companies across the globe using S&P Global Market Intelligence data or client proprietary data,” said Andrea Caruso, VP of Product Development at S&P Global Market Intelligence.

“The launch of this innovative platform significantly enhances our capabilities in the broader risk management space by bringing together a truly differentiated credit risk workflow solution for key end market segments including Corporations, Banks, and Insurance companies. This is the first of several initiatives you will see from us over the next 24 months as we look to build out our presence in this growth market,” said Whit McGraw, Managing Director at S&P Global Market Intelligence, Risk Services.

Credit Analytics on the S&P Capital IQ platform delivers credit scores, models and workflow tools for risk analysis on rated and unrated companies around the world, by providing:

– Analytical models that deliver credit scores for companies of all types including rated and unrated, public and private companies, globally;
– Private company solutions, including secure upload capabilities for proprietary data to deliver in-depth coverage;
– Extensive coverage of fundamental company data, historical and forecast global economic indicators, and key developments and news in the financial markets;
– Straightforward workflow solutions for efficient analysis and surveillance of global exposures.

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