LONDON, November 20, 2017

Newsroom AI, a London-based technology company announced today the launch of a product that allows news publishers to re-format their web mobile properties to drive a much faster, and deeply personalized experience for their users.

Newsroom AI acts as a Digital Experience Delivery platform – effectively decoupling Content Management Systems from the user-facing experience. The platform allows publishers to depart from a “one-size fits all” broadcast model, and adopt the algorithmic delivery models, successfully introduced by Facebook over 10 years ago.

“Facebook is getting a disproportionately higher engagement rate – with over 40 minutes spent every day by their users, all while digital publishers are struggling around the 1 minute mark. We’re on a mission to change that,” declared Mihai Fanache, founder, and CEO at Newsroom AI.

The company has been testing the technology for over 10 months with a wide range of digital publishers, resulting in up to 400% increases in time spent on site and up to 6x increase on average revenue per user (ARPU). The platform addresses user’s increasing demand for content diversity, primarily educated by social media usage, with a built-in exchange module that allows editorial teams to immediately trade content with like-minded publishers.

“We help publishers save resources on covering topics that are not within their newsroom’s area of expertise – such as local news and stock markets, or become a distribution platform for independent reporters or specialized bloggers, with one simple RSS integration” added Fanache. The platform uses machine learning and natural language processing to drive unique content experiences for each user, silently personalizing their news feeds based on previously consumed content, geo-location, time of day or expressed interest.

Publishers can now put data behind every product decision that they make, with the ability to A/B-test page layouts, article headlines or the mix of content recommendations that goes under each section of their site – taking product development cycles from months to just under 48 hours. Newsroom AI introduces the rich functionality that has been previously reserved to mobile apps – such as swiping between sections, articles or the instant loading article pages.

SOURCE: Newsroom AI