OnApp Launches Cloud Motion

LONDON, December 8, 2016

OnApp has released v5.2 of OnApp Cloud, the leading cloud management platform for service providers and enterprises. OnApp v5.2 introduces Cloud Motion, which enables enterprises to move cloud workloads across the OnApp Federation – a global network of public and private cloud infrastructure with more than 55 locations in 43 countries. Cloud Motion brings unprecedented flexibility to companies hosting applications in the cloud, by enabling them to move workloads easily between suppliers and regions, and across infrastructure with different price, performance, compliance characteristics.

Cloud Motion launches today in Beta with OnApp v5.2, which is available now as a free upgrade to existing OnApp clients, and via a range of packages for new customers.

“The way enterprises have to buy cloud infrastructure today just isn’t that smart,” said Ditlev Bredahl, CEO of OnApp. “You have to make a lot of sequential decisions that narrow down your choices at every step. You want this server type, at this physical location – ok, so this supplier looks good – but then, you also need these compliances at the datacenter? No can do – back to square one. You want this level of performance, at this price – ok, we could use those guys – but then, you need to host your apps in this specific country? Back to the beginning again. Why is it easier to buy shoes than buy the infrastructure you need?”

“What we’ve done is to create true abstraction of the workload from the infrastructure it runs on,” he said. “With the OnApp Federation, we provide a global network of clouds with many different price, performance and compliance characteristics. We provide a transparent marketplace for buying that infrastructure, with independently measured performance and uptime. And with Cloud Motion, we’re now making it possible to migrate workloads fluidly around that global cloud. Choosing a supplier, a server type, a performance level and a location are now totally independent decisions – which enables enterprises to easily source, buy, use and change the infrastructure they need, through any OnApp cloud provider.”

Other new features in OnApp v5.2 include initial support for OVA import, automation tools for VMware vCloud Director and a range of UI, alert and template enhancements.