LONDON, February 10, 2017

Leading global news portal One News Page today announces its suitability to help internet citizens protect themselves from misinformation through so-called ‘fake news’. With the phenomenon of ‘fake news’ having gathered steam during the past twelve months – where readers of online news are finding that the lines between recognising genuine, researched news pieces and fabricated stories are beginning to blur – online news portal One News Page today announces that it will continue to be the premier source for legitimate news stories from established, trusted media outlets.

As the ‘fake news’ epidemic continues to spread on social media and to the extent that the UK government have recently announced an enquiry into the phenomenon, it is important that web users find an outlet for genuine stories that they can rely upon.

One News Page continues to be a reliable resource for discovering news coverage from a variety of different established media sources, each individually verified as trustworthy outlets. Fake news coverage is unlikely to appear on One News Page both thanks to the site’s trusted source policy and the fact that false stories will share little in the way of parallels with stories from trustworthy outlets.

“The phenomenon of fake news is taking the internet by storm and online users must take responsibility to verify whether a headline is fake or based on real facts,” comments Dr. Marc Pinter-Krainer, founder and CEO of One News Page. “By offering a 360-degree view of trusted media sources’ coverage of any news event, One News Page is ideally suited for that verification.”

One News Page is a news portal that provides story comparisons between multiple outlets on any given major event – in addition to this, it is a website that continues to index articles and videos into their thousands on a daily basis, with around 50,000 new articles and videos added to its extensive archive each day. The website also recently underwent upgrades to make it arguably one of the fastest news portals on the internet, offering quick access to legitimate news through a mobile-friendly interface.

For anyone hoping to avoid fake news in both social media and in mass media (online or otherwise), One News Page will continue to be a portal to follow and trust.

One News Page is free to browse and allows its readers to take advantage of its comprehensive repository of over 100 million different news resources from scores of reputable and authoritative sources and journalists. Offering written digests, original content and video news for readers to access and consume at their leisure, One News Page is continuing to tap into the news aggregation market by making it easier and quicker to access with each update.

One News Page was founded in 2008 and services markets in the English, German and Spanish languages across Europe, America, Asia and Australasia. In 2016 it served over 20 million users accessing its news portal websites.