One News Page Launches Smartphone-friendly Global News Portal

LONDON, September 30, 2016

Leading global news portal One News Page today launches a smartphone-friendly version of its fast-access portal, enabling mobile users to take advantage of the website’s news aggregation quicker and easier than ever before.

One News Page’s update takes advantage of the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) protocol to allow smartphones to load pages at a faster rate, making the user experience much more responsive. The new portal is rolling out across all smartphone devices, allowing for universal access to news headlines and videos via platforms such as iOS, Windows and Android. AMP is designed to load up to four times quicker than standard pages on average, and to consume just a tenth of their data – making for an overall speedier, more streamlined service for existing One News Page readers.

“Since 2014 we’ve witnessed a significant shift towards mobile browsing from desktop browsing – and in response to this trend, our team have designed and are launching a dedicated mobile portal,” advises Dr. Marc Pinter-Krainer, founder and CEO of One News Page. “As more and more of our readers are accessing our sites via their smartphone, it was important that we focused upon developing a version of One News Page that allows for faster access, enhanced browsing and an overall more positive user experience for such devices.”

One News Page is free to browse and allows its readers to take advantage of its comprehensive repository of over 100 million different news resources from scores of reputable and authoritative sources and journalists. Offering written digests, original content and video news for readers to consume at their leisure, One News Page is continuing to tap into the news aggregation market by making it easier and quicker to access with each update.

One News Page was founded in 2008 and services markets in the English, German and Spanish languages across Europe, America, Asia and Australasia. In 2015 it served over 20 million users accessing its news portal websites.