One News Page Moves to HTTPS Protocol for Safe, Speedy News Delivery

LONDON, January 4, 2018

One News Page, the news and trending video portal currently serving millions of regular readers worldwide, today announces that it has moved its services over to the secure HTTPS protocol – offering access to its comprehensive digest of daily news that is now speedier and safer than ever. Following the recent completion of the transfer process, the site now operates on what is unanimously regarded as the most secure and stable encryption protocol available for browsers currently.

HTTPS is seen as the standard for all websites and visitors who are concerned about online security – and One News Page is dedicated to providing its user base with optimal safety and efficiency with each and every visit to its news portal websites. Having already boosted their ease of access and speed of service through the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) protocol on their versatile mobile platform, the news experts are committed to providing fast, safe and non-restricted access to the latest stories and developing news from all over the world. From video content to the latest in viral stories, One News Page confirms that its move to HTTPS encryption has not impacted upon its famous speed of delivery.

“It’s absolutely essential that our users’ browsing sessions are kept as secure as possible when accessing our sites to discover news stories, read our articles or watch news videos from renowned media outlets,” asserts Dr Marc Pinter-Krainer, CEO of One News Page. “I’m happy to confirm that moving One News Page over to HTTPS has been a complete success, and the provision of the associated high level of security comes without any compromise to our efficiency of site access.”

One News Page leads as the self-described World’s Speediest News Portal – and with thousands of news stories pouring in each day, readers need a reliable and efficient portal to deliver you hand-picked content from only the most reliable of sources. With enhanced secure and assured speed of use still high on the portal’s agenda, the brand is looking forward to a more secure 2018.

One News Page is free to browse and allows its readers to take advantage of its comprehensive repository of over 100 million different news resources from scores of reputable and authoritative sources and journalists. Offering written digests, original content and video news for readers to access and consume at their leisure, One News Page is continuing to tap into the news aggregation market by making it easier and quicker to access with each update.

One News Page was founded in 2008 and services markets in the English, German and Spanish languages across Europe, America, Asia and Australasia.

About One News Page Ltd

One News Page Ltd is a British media firm which runs a family of news portal websites across the globe. The sites feature original news coverage and syndicated news content including news videos from major trusted news sources.

The One News Page portal is arguably the fastest-access news portal in the world. It provides users with a powerful search engine of more than 100 million news resources, allowing them to discover and locate relevant news coverage easily. Users are referred to the source website directly by clicking on a corresponding link.