Category: Telecommunication
Business profile: ONEm is a global mobile community membership service where access by users is gained exclusively through their Mobile Operator. As an Associate Member of the GSMA and CTIA, ONEm works in the interests of the Mobile Operator to deliver new service offerings using their current infrastructure and boost their revenues. ONEm ecosystem consists of voice, SMS and SMART services.

ONEm allows memebers to enjoy internet-style communications and services using only the native SMS and voice capabilities of their mobile. The Mobile Operator gains a completely new service at no cost while the subscriber gains a new form of global communications that has many extraordinary capabilities. The Mobile Operator just connects to the ONEm global network. There are no APPs and no changes to the existing infrastructure.
Address: 6 Bevis Marks, City of London, London EC3A 7BA
Phone number: 020 3786 1991