LONDON, June 9, 2016

Traditional advertising is increasingly becoming ineffective as online ad blocking and ad skipping run rampant across all demographics. According to a new ORC International survey from video technology leader Mirriad, 76 percent of people say they block ads online and skip traditional ads on television. The outlook for video advertising is worse: Ninety percent of people skip pre roll ads appearing ahead of their online videos and TV shows. While experts estimate that most Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements each day, the messages are not sticking. In fact, 68 percent of people admit to remembering less than five advertisements that they have seen in the past week.

The survey further illustrates that while the method of ad avoidance differs by generation, overall distaste for the current and more traditional medium spans the years. Eighty-four percent of Millennials admit to blocking or skipping ads all or some of the time, while 73% and 72% respectively of Gen X and Boomers claim the same.

“There’s no question the advertising industry is facing complex challenges today, as consumers suffer from ad blindness and are increasingly opting out,” says Mark Popkiewicz, Mirriad CEO. “With only ten percent of online video and traditional TV viewers actually experiencing all ads, and most of them not recalling the brands and their messages, it’s high time that the industry responded to the problem with some new solutions that are both engaging and respectful of the audience. We believe one such solution is Native In Video Advertising, where brands are integrated authentically into popular entertainment content at scale.”

Further illustrating the challenge the industry is facing, Juniper Research estimated in a recent study that digital publishers stand to lose over $27 billion by 2020 as online publishers struggle to find effective strategies to counter ad blocking. This is especially true when considering developer activity is set to increase over the next 5 years making ad-blockers more sophisticated and difficult to overcome. To address rampant ad blocking and skipping, brands are looking to more engaging and less disruptive forms of advertising. “Current online advertising strategies are leaving publishers racing to create new business models that counter the threat ad blocking has on their revenue. Proposed strategies include native advertising, which are not always blocked by ad blockers, and more thorough audience targeting to reduce unobtrusiveness,” says Sam Barker, author of the Juniper’s Worldwide Digital Advertising 2016-2020 Report.

“In a world where we blank ads in a few milliseconds context is everything,” adds Popkiewicz. “We have polished the technology and process so that we always identify relevant inventory for any brand or category and find the right fit between show genre, audience and context, ensuring maximum relevancy and engagement from the start.”

Additional key findings from the ORC International survey include:

– Millennials more than any generation prefer less disruptive forms of advertising in lieu of traditional commercials (27% vs. 15% of Gen X and 9% of Baby Boomers).
– Fifty-three percent of Boomers don’t want to see any advertisements at all, compared to 30% of Millennials who felt the same way
– Tailored ads are resonating with over 80% of Millennials, compared to less than 50% of their generational counterparts

About the Survey

The survey of 1,015 adults was conducted by ORC International. This online omnibus was live on April 25-27, 2016.

About Mirriad Advertising Ltd

Launched in 2008 with a mission to revolutionize video advertising for the skip generation – people who skip, block or ignore video advertising on TV, online and on mobiles. Mirriad’s patented technologies offer a scalable new standard in advertising where brands are integrated as ad units across highly viewed multi-title content and campaigns managed against reach and frequency. The resulting native in-video advertising is impactful and engaging whilst being relevant and authentic. Mirriad’s native in-video ads work across all three screens and can be traded in the same way as other mainstream advertising inventory.

Mirriad works with with major US content producers and with leading broadcasters and video distributors in the world’s largest advertising markets. Mirriad is the chosen native in-video ad provider for Youku, China’s leading entertainment platform. Mirriad’s investors include IP Group PLC, Unilever Ventures, Parkwalk Funds and Edge Investment Management and has offices in London, New York, Mumbai and Shanghai.