LONDON, August 23, 2016

Customer service leaders continue to scratch their heads over how to deliver a great service to an increasingly demanding consumer base. This isn’t new, and it’s clear to them that customers want to be treated as individuals, but how can they balance this with cost pressures and high volumes? How do they choose between increasing personalization whilst automating in our increasingly digital world? What are the benefits and challenges?

These are the critical questions answered in this just released report: Personalization vs Automation: The Battle for the Heart of the Contact Center, which specifically targets these issues; providing guidance and suggestions into where customer service leaders should make their investments.

Featuring articles from the likes of tech giants Apple and research from the CX Network and Call Center IQ this report digs into the big issues which are changing the face of the contact center!

So how do you drive an excellent customer service with self-service? How do you create a meaningful personalized experience? How can behavioral science lead to better customer service? And how can you truly harness the power of automation AND personalization?

Here is just a sneak peek into what the report has to offer:

Customer-focus advocate Steven Van Belleghem ran a global study which found that a sizeable minority, 40 per cent would prefer NOT to speak to someone while transacting. At the same time, the level of service expected has been going up, with the majority of consumers wanting complaints and queries answered within 4 hours. As he says: “The conclusion is inescapable: The majority of consumers favor a self-service solution, including he safety net of personal contact if the consumer so chooses.”

With thought provoking articles on The Power of Personalization; The Efficiency of Automation; How to strike a balance between Personalization and Automation and much more, this report offers some top tips for staying ahead of the customer service curve!