LONDON, September 12, 2016

Peru’s investment sector prepares an investment roadshow in the UK market to promote among London and international investors. The Andean country’s top companies will promote investment projects, business climate and investment opportunities.

Francis Stenning, president of inPERU believes that with Brexit, the UKs withdrawal from the European Union, will not interfere with Anglo-Peruvian investment relationships.

inPERU, a non-profit Peruvian association founded by the main business organizations of the Peruvian market: APEF, APESEG, ASBANC, Asociación de AFP, BVL, CAVALI, CONFIEP and PROCAPITALES, is the country investment platform to promote foreign investment and strength the relations between the international markets and Peruvian companies. InPERU and its members are showing interest in the City of London investors community.

Francisco Stenning De Lavalle, inPERU chairman and currently CEO of the Lima Stock Exchange stated: “It is crucial for the private and public sectors to be linked and that the rest of the world as well as agents linked to the markets and projects see that there is a positive coexistence between these two sectors. We consider this to be the virtue of our model and we believe that it is important to maintain it.”

According to ProInversión, the UK is one of the top investors in Peru, representing 18% of Peru’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and accounting to a sum of 4.422 million USD. This investment goes on to fund many sectors, two of which are most notable, mining and tourism, representing 41% and 39% of foreign investments, respectively.

Another fact worth noting is that the UK is one of the heaviest investing countries when it comes to funding Peruvian businesses.