Key Changes in Specialty Power Cable Demand Beyond 2016

LONDON, September 29, 2016

Specialty industrial markets are driven by a range of different factors, meaning that demand in these sectors often does not match the wider trends for insulated power cable. Additionally, the size and value of key end-use markets for this unique cable type have shifted dramatically over the last couple decades. How do you track a market of such complexity?

Following the unprecedented compilation of data presented in our first 2011 report detailing specialty cable, Integer Research has revisited this multifaceted market to release an updated and expanded edition, The Market for Specialty Cable, which has uncovered a significant divergence in demand for different industries.

“Our data is showing that the renewables sector is looking the strongest for specialty power cable demand in the next five years, with growth forecast in both wind turbine production and installations as well as a rapid increases in solar PV power installations. This will be driven by the need to reduce carbon emissions from power generation, and government support, as well as widespread caution surrounding nuclear power as an alternative to fossil fuels” states the report editor, Louisa Winnik. “In contrast, we are also seeing power cable demand for offshore oil & gas, shipboard and mining under pressure, as low oil prices, the pressures of globalisation and a lacklustre economic climate dampen demand.”

Despite the pressures in these areas however, the report also shows how geography plays its part. This sentiment is mirrored by others in the industry, “The South Korean and Japanese producers are still leading in the shipboard and offshore oil & gas markets, with strong relationships with customers outside their domestic markets,” according to Rachael Lee, previously Senior Marketing Manager at LS Cable & System.

The Market for Specialty Cable delves beyond 2016 to provide authoritative comprehensive analysis and forecasts of specialty power cable products, and uncovers a landscape of shifting trends, drivers and demand. Speaking about the report, Louisa Winnik comments further, “The scale of the research conducted to publish this Integer report was immense and I am proud of the results. Our coverage of each industry and the value chain to cable consumption will help all stakeholders understand where the industry was, where it is today and where it is heading – beyond 2016. Our independent experts have examined the leading global cable producers across the Merchant and Military Shipboard, Renewables, Offshore Oil & Gas, Rolling Stock, Mining and Aerospace markets, bringing the data together in one resource.”

About the new report

The Market for Specialty Cable provides in-depth product data at a global level for each sector, including all the key North American and Western European producers such as Prysmian, Nexans, General Cable, the Marmon Group, NKT Cables, TE Connectivity and Southwire. In Asia we cover the largest Wire & Cable producers such as TMC, LS Cable, SEI, Hitachi Metals and Yangzhou Marine.