LONDON, November 14, 2016

Qapitol QA was announced as the Winner of the award for Best Contribution to Quality at the Apps World 2016 Conference by App Quality Alliance (AQuA). From the list of finalists that included Appytest, DMI, Infostretch, Mobven, Our Mobile Health, Testfort (QArea Inc) and VMC, Qaptiol QA won the award after gathering most number of votes from the member community of AQuA.

Speaking on the occasion, Kalyan Chandrapu, Co-Founder of Qapitol QA said, “We share the same vision that AQuA has – that of improving the quality of mobile apps. The recognition within one year of our inception is only a confirmation of our belief that we can make a difference and disrupt this space by providing easy access to world class QA for Startups across the world. While it is a gratifying experience, we are humbled with this recognition and are determined to do better.”

Martin Wrigley from AQuA had this to say about the winners: “I was so impressed by the enthusiasm from the AQuA community about Qapitol QA, and for a young company they have made a great impression. I look forward to seeing what they can achieve next”.

Qapitol QA is world’s first Quality Accelerator that helps startups ship better apps, faster. Having pioneered the concept of Minimum Viable Quality, Qapitol QA has a vision to make cost of quality affordable to startups across the world.

While the ecosystem players – incubators, accelerators, and investors help in accelerating/solving several challenges and leading startup’s to success, the reasons related to failures arising out of sub optimal quality of the products is not yet addressed. This is a challenge that needs to be solved right away and here is where Qapitol QA scores – as the first entity trying to solve the QA challenges for mobile startups.

Qapitol QA is making QA adoption easier by startups and works closely with other ecosystem players like Accelerators, Venture Funds, Incubators, Work Space Providers, Influencers, Industry Bodies, and other players to foster QA Adoption and Innovation. Qapitol QA has also created flexible engagement models that include combination of equity and fee so that adoption becomes easy.

Qapitol QA has already worked with more than 35 startups and has also partnered with Accelerators like Mobile10X and Spark10 to support the cohorts in accelerating QA.