Quality Plumber Week

LONDON, September 29, 2016

Quality Plumber Week Celebrates UK Plumbers to Encourage Young People to Enter the Profession

Now in its third year, Quality Plumber Week will be once again celebrating the UK’s dedicated and hard-working plumbing and heating engineers from 03 – 09 October 2016.

Organised by Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC), the week will be building on the success of previous years to unite the entire industry in shining a spotlight on the vital role plumbers play in our communities. The week also stresses the importance of using properly qualified, trained and accredited tradespeople in a bid to reduce the numbers of rogue traders operating in the industry.

By raising the profile of plumbing as a respected profession, it’s hoped that more young people will be encouraged to consider an apprenticeship in the sector. Recent research from APHC found that attitudes towards apprenticeships appear to have shifted in recent years – 86% of people polled agree that school leavers should be encouraged to consider an apprenticeship rather than being pushed into the Higher Education route. On a positive note plumbing apprenticeships remain the most sought after with around 5,500 plumbing apprentices enrolling on a course in England and Wales in 2015.

The week will also highlight work within the industry to tighten up Building Regulations enforcement, to protect consumers and ensure a level playing field for the many professional tradespeople who comply with the UK’s rigorous construction standards. APHC research found that 74% of heating businesses believe that stricter enforcement would be beneficial to their businesses and 69% agree that customers are willing to breach building regulations to save time or money. A worryingly high 69% had also discovered areas of non-compliance when visiting sites.

John Thompson, Chief Executive, APHC added: “Quality Plumber Week is once again uniting plumbers to showcase the world-class professionals we have working to keep up with our demand for fresh, clean water on tap and instant heat at our fingertips. The perception of plumbers and plumbing, as well as trades in general, appear to be making positive strides and we’re encouraged by the numbers of young people recognising the benefits of a career in the industry.”