LONDON, September 8, 2016

Quod Financial, a leading provider of adaptive trading technology, announced the launch of a foreign exchange trading and liquidity management platform serving regional banks and asset managers. Quod Financial’s Adaptive FX (AFX) Trading Platform leverages MarketFactory’s low-latency aggregation and connectivity to 70+ currency markets. AFX provides all of the tools essential for navigating the complex and highly fragmented FX world in a single solution.

Regional banks and asset managers are in dire need of managing the rapid technology changes in FX trading. In an asset class where fees are expressed in the spread, the main objective is to manage spreads while still maintaining profitability. AFX meets a multitude of needs for different classes of users, providing benchmarks, transaction cost analysis, and best of class execution strategies to allow regional banks and asset managers to build and adapt trading strategies according to their specific workflows. For institutions providing custom pools of liquidity to clients, the solution provides real-time algorithmic pricing and internal liquidity management. In addition, system wide data can be collected and reused for Quod’s new generation of artificial intelligence trading algorithms.

Darren Jer, COO of MarketFactory commented, “We’re excited to power Quod Financial’s full-stack eFX solution to better serve customers with diverse needs. Quod’s product is the result of years of R&D from many asset classes and will empower trading desks with the most modern tools to capture greater pricing and execution profit.”

Ali Pichvai, CEO of Quod Financial said, “MarketFactory’s FX feed handlers contain years of venue-specific IP that ensures our algos always see the best market data. Their flexible model will allow our clients to add and subtract any liquidity provider in London, Tokyo and New York, speeding time-to-market.”

About Quod Financial

Quod Financial‘s Adaptive FX Trading Platform (AFX) is modular, non-disruptive, scalable and highly resilient FX trading solution. It provides OMS, Smart Order Routing, Algorithmic Trading, Pricing, Risk Management and Position Keeping, Rate distribution, Transaction Cost Analysis and different APIs and Front Ends. Quod Financial is headquartered in London, with offices in Paris, New York, Hong Kong.

About MarketFactory

MarketFactory is transforming the largest market in the world, foreign exchange. MarketFactory provides one high-performance API to 70+ institutional venues. Thousands of hours of development and networking time is eliminated, allowing financial institutions to focus on pricing and client service. Used by top global banks and buy-side firms, MarketFactory’s Pre-Trade Risk Management solution prevents runaway algorithms, while its API-as-a-Service allows any bank or fund to become a liquidity provider.