Rategain Technologies Launched Optima

LONDON, October 25, 2016

Rategain Technologies Launched Optima, a Real-time Competitive Pricing Intelligence Tool Which Syndicates Hotel Software Database With Smart Data Analytics. Optima carries out a fine-grained examination of critical statistics, particularly rates and availability, for hotels and travel companies. This analysis eventually delivers deeper insights to the hotel about granular and massive shifts in the marketplace, in order to maintain rate parity across every linked channel.

The all new and competitively priced Optima comes with an intuitive user interface and prudently breaks down market rate, OTA ranks, and pricing strategy into logical insights. On the basis of these insights, even a non-technical user can smoothly optimize room rates to maximize their profitability of their brand. That’s why the interface has been deliberately kept unfussy and easy-to-use.

Optima will be catering to a wide range of accommodation providers, independent hotels, mid-sized hotels, large hospitality chains, OTAs and travel setups. Optima’s subscribers, each having unique business needs, can enjoy flexible plans that range through free trials, reasonable monthly packages, and annual plans. Optima is the future of Price Intelligence. With its unique features & competitive advantages, it is an apt tool for the hotels that want to stay ahead of their competition.

Key features of Optima:

– Empowers the user to compare competitor rates & OTA rank in real-time along with the Parity Check reports.
– Aggregates the market data continuously from the entire city and also provides Airbnb insights & your identified comp-set.
– Discover who else are you competing with – ‘Fresh Comp-set’ from the eyes of the booker.
– Keyword-based room type mapping unlike other price intelligence suites.
– The database is refreshed daily or on live request through an intuitive system, and also allows on-demand report generation.
– Get powerful actionable insights through a custom excel sheet report
– Get Real time notification as email alerts as well as push notifications in smartphones.