LONDON, March 13, 2017

RAVN Systems, leading experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Search and Knowledge Management solutions, today announced the launch of a RAVN ACE (“Applied Cognitive Engine”) powered software Robot to help facilitate GDPR (“General Data Protection Regulation”) compliance.

The GDPR Robot uses state-of-the-art AI techniques to automatically identify documents and other types of data in any business system which is subject to GDPR rules. The system allows users to quickly and easily search, retrieve, flag, classify and report on data considered to be sensitive under GDPR. Users also have the ability to identify personal data from documents, view feeds on the latest personal data that requires attention and provide reports on the data suggested to be deleted or secured.

Organisations will have to ensure that they have internal data protection policies and procedures in order as the GDPR contains some onerous obligations on data controllers and processors, much greater fines, and enhanced rights for individuals.

RAVN’s GDPR Robot is also able to expedite requests for information (Data Subject Access Requests – “DSAR”) in a simple and efficient way, removing the need for a manual approach to these requests which tends to be very labour intensive.

Thirdly, contracts, agreements and other high value documents the organisation may possess can be further analysed with RAVN’s Extract technology to ensure Privacy Policy clauses and other relevant obligations are met within the new regulatory environment.

Peter Wallqvist, CSO at RAVN Systems commented, “GDPR compliance is of universal importance as it will apply to any organisation that control and process data concerning EU citizens. Using RAVN’s unique ACE technology, the GDPR Robot has the ability to deal with several aspects of the GDPR obligations in one platform: Auditing large volumes of structured and unstructured data, dealing with DSARs very efficiently, and finally to help review contractual obligations that are affected by the new regulations.”

About RAVN Systems

RAVN Systems are leading experts in the Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning branches of Artificial Intelligence (AI). They offer revolutionary cognitive computing solutions for any information intensive vertical. RAVN’s unique proprietary technology and expertise deliver long-term value, competitive advantages and help manage and mitigate risk through structuring and surfacing information contained within unstructured data.