Category: Marketing
Business profile: We are making it easy for individuals & businesses to expand their social reach in any market. With Reach7, our customers identify and engage with the most relevant audience on social media easily and efficiently. Our platform helps our customers build a relevant audience in their local market, and then help them take this to a global market.

Reach7’s powerful technology analyses millions of profiles and content daily, making sense of big data and delivering the best results (without breaking the bank). Their rapid engagement interface allows you to engage with the right people and content, coupled with their unique social translation solution, enables customers to expand their global ambitions with ease. Reach7 contracts professional human translators of over 80 languages around the world, allowing businesses to manage their international social presence in any market, thereby expanding their global reach on social media without adding localised teams on networks such as Twitter and China’s Sina Weibo.

Social media engagement is getting much easier and more effective thanks to Reach7, the social engagement platform that makes sense of big data and provides an easy way to engage with the right people in any market. In a world where consumers are using more social media than ever before, and companies are focused on “big data” at alarming rates, Reach7 provides a unique ranking engine that transforms big social data into consumable small data. The result: personalized audiences, ranked by their relevance and importance to your company or message — in any market, in any corner of the globe.
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