LONDON, September 27, 2016

‘Nobius’, an innovative app created by Nobius LTD, is set to launch this October. It is expected to revolutionize social media interaction through personal post targeting to large audiences and direct business storytelling. Testing and focus group feedbacks have been highly positive, particularly in relation to the app’s potential to transform the future of advertising.

Nobius is designed to help people and businesses aim posts specifically at their desired audiences, where all users can choose recipients by age, gender, interests and location. A unique feature of this application is the ability to communicate to large audiences right after the free registration. No social network could offer such perspective so far.

The app with no ads

The fact that Ad Blockers have become so widespread proves that ads are annoying and should be avoided. Nobius solves this problem by showing the users only those posts that suit their interests and can be of real use.

How it works

Nobius has a sort of fuel that makes the App run. It is called the ‘Energy’ and it is easy to gain. Each time the users see updates of other Nobius users, check their photos, watch their videos and so on – they earn some Energy. It is spent for creating posts. This is one of the features that make the application interesting to use.

The app creator Alex Akuat comments:

Nobius LTD is headed by the London-based entrepreneur Alex Akuat, who commented on the occasion:

‘What inspired me to create this application was the desire to change modern social media world. The culture of our App is to finally give everyone the chance to have access to big audiences, for free and in a matter of seconds.

Nowadays, all the social media (at least the leading ones) focus on monetization through advertising. But as a user, I always wondered why we should watch boring ads at all. And being a business owner myself, I did not always see the point of paying someone for promotion. I believe that all people are equal and everyone should have a chance to communicate with the big audience directly and for free. Nobius will help with that.’