LONDON, February 28, 2017

Digital gift card platform provider Reward Cloud have today announced a major new initiative with Park Group plc that is set to transform how one of the UK’s largest multi-retailer voucher and prepaid gift card businesses delivers digital gift codes to its end users.

By incorporating Reward Cloud’s unique technology, Park Group will now be able to offer a vastly superior and more streamlined service whereby digital gift codes can be bought and delivered in real time. This digital capability will particularly benefit Park Group’s numerous corporate clients, specifically in the administering of incentive and reward programmes.

Be it employee benefits or customer acquisition, working with Reward Cloud means instant gratification for the end recipient, with gift codes being generated and retrieved on demand. This real time processing means Park Group no longer have to hold or manage digital stock, and any order can be instantly fulfilled due to unlimited inventory.

Clients will also reap the benefits of Reward Cloud’s unrivalled portfolio of digital brands; further building on Park Group’s already extensive retail coverage, as Chris Hartley, Business Development Director at Park Group explains, “Digital rewards are becoming increasingly popular. Having the ability to draw down retailer e-codes on an as required, real time and any value basis, as opposed to holding them in stock, clearly has benefits for Park, and our clients and end recipients alike.”

This initiative illustrates that the rewards and incentive industry is changing, as Gareth Gillatt, CEO and Co-founder of Reward Cloud, notes, “Park Group have looked at what Reward Cloud can offer and recognised it as the future of this industry. We’re delighted to have our business validated by such a market leader, and excited about working together.”

About Reward Cloud

A unique proposition in the digital gift card sector, Reward Cloud is championing the use of digital gift cards and opening up new sales and distribution channels. Working through one simple API connection to generate and send digital gift cards to recipients on demand and in real time, Reward Cloud is a technology platform fast becoming integral to any digital gift card programme.

About Park Group plc

Park Group plc is the UK’s leading multi-retailer voucher and prepaid gift card business, focussed on the Christmas savings market and acting as one of the major providers of reward and incentive solutions for the corporate sector under the brand Love2shop Business Services.