LONDON, September 28, 2016

Reward Gateway, the leading employee engagement platform that delivers employee benefits, reward and recognition, communications and wellbeing solutions, today announced its new wellbeing product, SmartFit™, which lets employers give employees access to leading discounts on the industry’s broadest range of physical activities, from health club and gym memberships to yoga, swimming, pilates, bootcamps, online memberships and fitness equipment.

Many employee physical wellbeing solutions available to employers today were not designed to drive programme adoption and ongoing usage. Reward Gateway developed SmartFit™ to drive the highest levels of adoption and impact for employers by enabling a personalized experience for employees with choice in the type of fitness programme they can take advantage of, giving employees quick access, and offering national coverage across the UK.

SmartFit™ doesn’t only provide the most flexible and personal employee fitness wellbeing benefit in the industry. It is delivered to employees through an easy-to-use net salary deduction, rather than a salary sacrifice benefit, so there are no complicated tax implications for HR.

How it helps employers:

– Wellbeing is a top priority for employers due to its link to increased productivity and reduced absenteeism. SmartFit™ enables employers to provide a valuable benefit that will make a real impact on their employee wellbeing goals.
– HR wants to gain maximum uptake and impact of new programmes, and SmartFit™ is designed for that goal. Employees are able to choose from a wide range of fitness solutions that work for them, like yoga class membership and discounts on personal fitness equipment, which means that employees who don’t use gyms and health clubs can benefit too. SmartFit™ also provides national coverage, so workers in different locations are all included
– Clients get dedicated support, partnership from a Reward Gateway consultant, and a bespoke communication plan to ensure programme success.
– Real-time analytics and management information to measure the effectiveness of the programme are accessed directly from the solution to measure return-on-investment.

How it helps employees:

– SmartFit™ offers the industry’s top discounts on fitness memberships, fees, and spending – helping employees to save money. There are also a variety of payment options available through an easy net salary payment, giving employees choice.
– Employees are not forced into one type of fitness option and can choose what works for their lifestyle.
– Full national coverage means wherever employees are across the United Kingdom they will have access to fitness options that work for them.
– Employees no longer will have to wait weeks or months for access to their fitness investment, helping to reduce barriers to getting started. Fast access and an easy-to-use online experience available on any device makes it simple for employees to purchase their fitness membership and get started immediately.