LONDON, June 7, 2016

Polish national team striker Robert Lewandowski and Fuero Games are teaming up ahead of the European championships in France to give fans an exciting taster of what it takes to be a world-class football player.

In Lewandowski: Euro Star 2016, now available on iOS and Android devices, football-crazy fans can challenge friends to a fierce keepie-uppie battle. Fantastic prizes await those who master their finger-football skills to become the best in Europe.

Gaining enormous popularity in recent years, Lewandowski has become a household name among European football fans. With this game, he takes his established digital presence to a new level, inviting millions of supporters to share in his training before the upcoming tournament.

“I am thrilled to feature in a game that will add to the experience of the Euros. At every warm-up, we do hundreds of keepie-uppies, developing ball control skills that give us the decisive edge on the pitch. I hope the fans will enjoy the game,” he said.

By helping Robert learn new tricks to show off spectacular combos, players earn performance points which can be used to choose the perfect gear for the star. Everyone can personalise the game experience as they wish with dozens of jerseys, boots, balls, hats, and locations (including Paris’s iconic Eiffel Tower) available from the store.

With scores being compared online in real-time, football fans can challenge their friends via Facebook to revive their keepie-uppie competition from offline five-a-side football games or compete with players from all over the world – with top-scorers up for a chance to win gadgets signed by Lewandowski himself.

Lewandowski: Euro Star 2016 is available for free in App Store and Google Play in 15 languages, including English, German, French, and Polish.

Fuero Games is one of Poland’s leading mobile games studios, responsible for such hits as The Witcher: Battle Arena and Age of Cavemen. “We are delighted to work with Robert to allow fans to fully identify with their favourite player, and for him to strengthen his relations with supporters,” said Stanisław Fiedor, the studio’s CEO.

Poland’s gaming industry is estimated to be worth €360m and is the largest in Central Europe, with an estimated 13.4 million players and 160 companies employing 6,000 people. The Polish government has pledged to invest €120m to support its dynamic growth.