Sensum Adds Facial-Recognition & Eye-Tracking to Sensum Insights

LONDON, November 3, 2016

Sensum, the emotions-based software solutions company, today launches the next-generation of its Sensum Insights neuromarketing solution which now includes facial-recognition, eye-tracking & implicit testing technology to help brands build a 360 degree view of audience’s emotional responses to content, experiences and products. Sensum Insights is the first self-service product available on the market to include all of these capabilities.

Brands and agencies have instinctively known for some time that appealing to a person’s emotions enables them to better sell a product, create great experiences and shape brand loyalty. But now science and technology such as Sensum Insights is helping to prove and make more of this. Instead of relying exclusively on traditional market research methods based on conscious questioning and surveys, which only provide a singular point of view, new research tools that weave in biometric responses allow brands to build a 360-degree real-time view of the consumer’s emotional journey.

Sensum Insights is the world’s first web-based and mobile enabled self- service platform that allows organisations to combine data from traditional market research methods with non-conscious data from wearable devices & biometric sensors to help organisations understand and engage their audiences in deeper, more personal, emotive and exciting ways.

The platform enables organisations to:

– Understand audience’s emotional responses to media, messaging, visuals and pricing
– Set up global market research studies in minutes at a fraction of the traditional cost
– Incorporate facial recognition, eye-tracking, quantitative questioning and surveys into their market research methods
– Add additional data streams such as sweat response (GSR), motion, heart-rate, neuroscience and integrate third-party technology when required
– Track results in real-time
– Instantly visualise, compare and download comprehensive graphs & results to take immediate action

Sensum Insights is web-based so can be accessed by anyone with a connected device anywhere in the world. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive so simple for both those running research projects and participants taking part to use.

Gawain Morrison, CEO & Co-Founder, Sensum adds: “The ability to build a truly personalised relationship with consumers is what enables brands to not just survive, but thrive. We’ve specifically developed Sensum Insights to help marketers, creative agencies & researchers be able to do this in the most efficient, cost-effective and in-depth way possible. The platform brings together insights from multiple sources to build the clearest 360-degree picture of an audience’s emotional response in real-time…which in today’s cut-throat world is invaluable.”

About Sensum

Sensum is a emotions-based software solutions company that helps organisations build the clearest 360-degree picture of an audience’s emotional response to content, products or experiences. We bring together the art and science of emotions with our creative expertise and technology. Our online platform Sensum Insights gathers emotional responses from audiences and turns them into actionable insights to help brands hone their products, user experiences, content, retail and immersive experiences.