LONDON, October 19, 2016

Nearly 1 in 7 of the UK workforce is self-employed. The unprecedented boom in self-employment is being fueled by business innovation, technological possibility and lifestyle preferences. Whilst the way we work is changing fast, the support for the nearly 5M Brits in self-employment is not keeping pace. In response to this, a new online community has launched to serve the millions of self-employed in the UK. (NWM) was developed by Paul Hill, the founder of a London based digital marketing company, who experienced first-hand the challenges of trying to start up, promote, and grow a business alone.

Focused on overcoming the professional and social isolation that often accompanies those who work for themselves, provides a new way for the self-employed to connect, collaborate and even socialize.

By registering and creating a profile on the site, the member’s business type and description, social interests and postcode location enables them to be mapped into the searchable database. These unique business profiles can be found by other members (or by any Internet searcher) whilst enabling the member to also search the database for local members, or those further afield, who have the skills they need to help grow their business.

The ‘Save to My Network’ functionality enables members to build their own network of virtual ‘work mates’ with whom they can build business relationships, swap or share skills, and ultimately build a support network of business and social connections within their self-employed community.

Members also have access to two forums. The Business Connect forum gives members the opportunity to provide business advice, post business opportunities or skill swaps, and engage in group discussions. The Social Forum provides an informal touch-point, aimed at tackling isolation, where members can arrange local, social meet-ups and gatherings. is now open to all self-employed, freelancers, sole traders and micro business owners. The site has plans to provide more services as it develops, and these services will be built by listening to feedback and advice from the members. was built by the self-employed, for the self-employed, and as such truly wants to provide a supportive and energizing community where its members can not only survive self-employment, but thrive.