Soliton Systems announced rebrand of Excitor

LONDON, November 21, 2016

Soliton Systems, a leading provider of IT security in Japan, today announced its expansion into Europe with the rebrand of Excitor, the mobile security specialist. Soliton recently acquired Excitor and will continue to offer Excitor’s secure mobile and remote access products alongside its range of enterprise-class network security solutions. Excitor will be rebranded as Soliton as the company ramps up its operations across Europe, expanding its channel partnership programme to target the cyber security market.

The enterprise mobility sector has matured over the course of the past two years with a subtle shift away from protecting and managing the device towards secure data management. Protecting access to that data is now a priority for the connected business. Sophisticated and veracious attacks and the imminent application of more stringent data regulation in the form of legislation such as the EU GDPR will increase the onus on the organisation to secure data.

Recognising this shift in demand, Soliton Systems will now focus not just on enterprise mobility but on data and access protection through a suite of cyber security products. The Mobicontrol MDM, DME mobile container, and G-On remote access device previously offered by Excitor will be complemented by cyber controls that protect, guard and actively defend data. The Soliton services being rolled out across Europe will include:

– NetAttest EPS – a network access authentication solution that uses a dedicated hardware unit to issue network access authentication certificates to approved devices. By abstracting authentication from on-site security provisions, NetAttest EPS prevents internal safeguards from being exposed externally.
– FileZen – a secure data sharing solution that allows shared files to be stored on a dedicated appliance, available for download by specified recipients. As data is downloaded direct from the FileZen unit, recipients avoid file size limits and false-positive blocks by their email content filters. FileZen also offers a complete audit trail of activities and built-in permissions to prevent data misuse.
– SecureBrowser – a secure mobile web browser tool that ensures browsing data is encrypted at every point, to prevent MitM attacks, or sensitive data leaks. SecureBrowser can limit access to specific web services and sanction apps and storage access, helping to maintain complete control of company data in the Cloud.
– InfoTrace – a monitoring and scanning solution that uses five levels of analysis to identify and block malware and prevent the realisation of APTs. Machine learning and behaviour trend analysis boost detection rates, and reduce false-positives. InfoTrace can interface directly with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems to simplify management and reporting.

The expansion into Europe will see Soliton build upon its reputation as a leading provider of these well-established IT security solutions back in Japan. The company will now begin to focus on localising these products before accelerating its channel partnership programme across the region. Soliton has already committed to a Research and Development facility to be located in Copenhagen and will announce further plans in 2017.