Category: Small business resources, consulting

Business profile: Strategic Management And Media Group provides a range of business services: recruitment services,
management consultancy services, marketing and media buying services.

Our management consultancy services will provide the tools and systems to manage change and costs. Whatever your needs, objectives and requirements, our consultants will design an effective program to meet them. Such training courses will provide your organisation with immense cost-reduction and strategic planning benefits. Listed below are some examples that can be made available to you: procurement, contract management and effective negotiation, tender preparation and evaluation, human resources cost optimisation, effective enterprise risk management and core management skills.

Our marketing services will position your image so that you project the one that communicates most effectively with potential customers. By segmenting your market, we can identify your target markets and develop methods to differentiate your offers to each targeted segment, enabling you to market more effectively.

Strategic Management And Media Group

Address: 3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street, Mayfair, London W1B 3HH

Phone number: 020 3371 9616