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We offer you 2 types of listings on London Business Directory:

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Why pay for listing in the London Business Directory when listing in other business directories is free?

1. They’re not free. If you don’t pay – you’re not visible enough, if you pay – you pay a lot. We will never call you and consume your valuable time asking you to upgrade and pay significant amount of money (£49 per month, £99 per month etc) to upgrade or keep your listing. With us you pay once – a small amount – and you can rest assured your business listing is safe and sound.

2. We put a great deal on quality. That’s why we manually process your listing, checking the info and preparing it for publishing. We also check the information submitted for accuracy, periodically.

3. Ok, there are some directories that are free of charge. But with no revenue to cover their workforce and maintenance, they shut down sooner than later. Others show up but they also have a short life span. We will be here in 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and more. We invested a lot in website availability, security and backing up the data that even in the unfortunate case our website goes down, we get it back live and intact in a matter or minutes. Our uptime (time website being available online) in the last 15 months was 99.99% and that says a lot about us.

4. London Business Directory doesn’t feature aggressive advertising as you can see on other websites. And more important, no similar businesses are displayed on your business page therefore visitors can focus on you without being distracted by ads or competition.

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