Category: Community services

Business profile: At Sutton African & Caribbean Cultural Organisation (SACCO), we are committed to enriching our community through diverse initiatives. As a registered charity, our work is centered on tackling social issues and promoting cultural diversity.

We organize regular meetings and community events to reduce social isolation and celebrate our rich heritage, especially during Black History Month.

Our extensive mentoring schemes connect young people with opportunities in the creative and food industries, fostering career development and skill-building. Collaboration is at the heart of our outreach, involving local schools, anti-hate crime organizations, and other youth schemes. These partnerships help us extend our impact and better serve the community.

A cornerstone of our work is ‘Kaleidoscope’, our magazine that offers insights into African, Caribbean, and British culture, politics, history, and sports. This publication provides a platform for writers from all social backgrounds to express their views, making it a unique and inclusive source of information and perspectives.

SACCO meetings, open to all, are held monthly at Sutton’s Civic Offices, creating a space for community engagement and discussion. Beyond these gatherings, our initiatives address significant community concerns like health, unemployment, and crime, aiming to bring about positive change and empowerment.

Our commitment extends to a range of educational and entertaining activities for families, focusing on science, technology, engineering, arts, maths, and cultural appreciation. These events are designed to be inclusive, catering to various age groups and celebrating African and Caribbean heritage. Through these efforts, SACCO strives to be a beacon of cultural enrichment, social support, and educational advancement.

Sutton African & Caribbean Cultural Organisation

Address: Alexandra Gardens, Stanley Road, Carshalton SM5 4LJ

Phone number: 020 3302 9543