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Business profile: Award winning email remarketing SaaS for ecommerce

In the ever more sophisticated world of ecommerce, choosing the highest caliber services to support you business is paramount. Your choice of email marketing solution should come close to the the top of that decision. The award winning SwiftERM is the world’s only fully-automated email remarketing system for ecommerce.

It uses each of your consumer’s browsing, purchase and abandon data. It identifies which products they are most likely to buy next, populates a style-sheet and sends each consumer regular personal emails that are unique to them. No two emails are ever alike. You no longer need to waste time segmenting audiences or choosing products. Why risk getting it wrong? Personalization out-performs segmenting six times over! Gone are the days of bulk email.

Each email is sent out one at a time, about that individual’s loyalties, likes and interests. Exactly the things that they want to spend their money on at that precise moment. No wonder more and more retailers are turning to SwiftERM.

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