Syncplicity Introduces PrivacyRegions

LONDON, October 5, 2016

Syncplicity Introduces PrivacyRegions Combining Dedicated EU Architecture and Hybrid Cloud Data Residency. Among the first EFSS providers to receive Privacy Shield certification, Syncplicity delivers a complete EU privacy solution.

Syncplicity, the leader of the hybrid enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) market, today announced PrivacyRegions, which uniquely combines regional cloud services, policy-driven hybrid cloud storage, and a new privacy-driven architecture. This design enables EU-based enterprises to confine the storage and processing of all their files, meta-data, and personal information to the EU region.

Syncplicity is the only EFSS provider to offer regional cloud services, allowing users to seamlessly collaborate across regions with a single account, while maintaining all information–including metadata–within a designated region. Other EFSS vendors allow customers to choose a geographic zone only for file storage. At the same time, they process and store all metadata, such as filenames, and personal information, including complete or significant indexing of regional files’ content, and store it in US-based cloud services. By contrast, Syncplicity PrivacyRegions segregate a company’s meta-data, personal information, and file storage to their chosen region. Customers choosing Syncplicity PrivacyRegion for Europe can be assured all of their information is kept within Europe.

Syncplicity’s release of PrivacyRegions builds upon a long-standing posture of data privacy compliance. Additionally, Syncplicity has formally achieved its US-EU Privacy Shield certification. Using industry recognised privacy solutions provider TRUSTe, Syncplicity has gone through a third-party audit of its mobile, desktop and web applications, reviewing its policy and privacy practices to become compliant with Privacy Shield. With international businesses looking to avoid penalties associated with GDPR, Syncplicity provides a comprehensive EU privacy solution.

“Organisations operating globally need to be safe in the knowledge that its data is both secure and compliant,” explained Jon Huberman, CEO, Syncplicity. “Beyond Privacy Shield compliance, Syncplicity offers customers additional layers of protection and flexibility with our hybrid cloud storage model and Syncplicity EU PrivacyRegion, giving customers a full regional implementation option with more control over their critical data while maintaining a seamless user experience.”

“Certification with Privacy Shield is an important statement of adherence to EU data protection laws, both now and in the future under GDPR,” commented Duncan Brown, Research Director, European Security Practice, IDC. “While I fully expect Privacy Shield to be put to the test, it remains a core part of today’s data protection and legal framework, and certification demonstrates a commitment to understanding and addressing Europe’s Data protection concerns.”

About Syncplicity

Syncplicity is the leading hybrid enterprise file sync and share and mobile collaboration solution that provides users with the experience and tools they desire and gives IT the security and control it needs, while significantly reducing infrastructure cost. Some of its customers include Siemens AG, Texas A&M University, EMC Corporation, State of Indiana, the Associated Press and the Boston Red Sox.