Category: Marketing
Business profile: We help brands and agencies find the social insights they need to drive business value. Focus on the conversations that matter to your business, track and measure your online reputation, collaborate in real time, and manage consumer relationships in one seamless platform.

We analyze your audience to identify new business opportunities. Analyze online conversations, opinions, wants and needs regarding any brand, topic, product or service. Identify your brand’s strengths, weak signals, and opportunities for improvement — and benchmark against competitors. We find and connect with high-profile individuals talking about your brand. Build a community of brand advocates, identify key influencers and key influential websites to improve targeting and gauge the impact of digital campaigns.

Also identify new leads and prospects. Boost lead generation and provide new product info, news and promotions. Use social intelligence to understand consumer wants and needs and integrate into sales materials and pitches. And boost positivity around your brand. Identify the beginning of a potential crisis before it spreads, and minimize brand damage with social intelligence. Establish a direct dialogue with key journalists, bloggers, etc. Conduct real-time engagement activities to communicate directly with consumers.
Address: 28 Brunswick Place, Shoreditch, London N16DZ
Phone number: 020 7566 0400