LONDON, January 30, 2018

Teragence, a vendor of competitive mobile network analytics, has announced that it provided Vodafone with a rich dataset that allowed the operator to demonstrate the real-life business case for Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) – an investigation that won Vodafone, Teragence and Saguna Networks an award for “Biggest Contribution to R&D” at the Edge Awards at the MEC Congress in Berlin in September 2017. This collaboration with Vodafone is the latest in an impressive series of milestones that Teragence has achieved in recent months.

“Our powerful proposition – real-time competitive network analytics has attracted the attention of both investors and network operators, as well as notching up a string of awards and significant industry recognition,” said Christian Rouffaert, founder and CEO of Teragence.

“The potential of our unique offering has been recognised by high profile technology investors, including Andreas Hipp’s investment firm Incipio and Al Dhow Capital. It has been validated through a series of high-profile industry awards – the Innovation Accelerator Award at the LTE World Summit in Amsterdam, and the Dragon’s Den Award at this year’s Telco Data Analytics Europe in Madrid.”

The Edge Award, won with Vodafone and Saguna Networks, is the latest in the series of accolades for Teragence, and the judging panel at the MEC Congress acknowledged the key role played by the accuracy of Teragence’s powerful tools and datasets in enabling the creation by Vodafone of a robust, real life business case.

“We are seeing a rapidly-growing level of interest in network performance and Quality of Experience benchmarking, in the wider context of a digital transformation within telco, and also in other markets like Content and Autonomous Vehicles,” said Christian Rouffaert. “Our technology has the potential to replace or augment traditional drive testing, and to empower more precisely targeted investment decision making along with superior customer service and care. We are seeing an increasing uptick in demand for our services with operators in Europe, Asia and North America.”