Toiletries and Hygiene Sector to see Strong Shifts Towards New Digital Tools, Says Canadean

LONDON, August 16, 2016

A new report from consumer insight firm Canadean – Top Trends in Toiletries and Hygiene – states that hygiene categories, traditionally perceived as “quiet” in terms of innovation, will soon see a distinct shift towards systems and products which employ digital tools and unique technologies to better manage personal hygiene, as today’s digitized and connected consumers seek to align this preference across their lifestyles.

Consumer interest is growing in electronic hygiene devices. By being automated, many of these products benefit from perceived superior efficacy credentials in comparison to traditional counterparts, as consumers seek out the best way to achieve their hygiene goals.

Analyst Jamie Mills explains: “New technologies designed to target consumers’ hygiene rituals can help to drive interest and excitement around brands and the wider hygiene category by providing unique and disruptive approaches, particularly as devices have mainly been associated with the beauty space.”

The boom in smartphones has also led to greater interest in more intelligent and integrated solutions, which can monitor and better manage specific facets surrounding personal hygiene, and wellbeing more generally.

Mills adds: “This segment is currently in its infancy within the hygiene space, as evidenced by Canadean’s research. Looking at oral care alone, only 12% of global consumers say they are currently using digital tools such as smartphone apps and wearable devices to monitor or manage their oral hygiene. Nevertheless, a significant opportunity exists to engage consumers using these technologies, with 40% saying that they would use them in future, particularly among tech-savvy millennials.”

Canadean believes the desire for more proactive, diagnostic, and personalized management of health and hygiene creates important opportunities for players in the hygiene space to pioneer new smartphone-compatible tools, companion apps, and even partnerships with technology brands. One such example of this approach is Oral B’s recently launched GENIUS toothbrush, which combines motion sensor technology in the brush with video recognition in the user’s smartphone camera via a companion app.

About Canadean

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