Category: Investing
Business profile: We aim to revolutionize the binary options market by providing a global online binary options exchange based on a social trading network. The binary options market, up until now, has only operated in an environment where the broker makes markets and earns his money from his traders’ losses.

The binary options broker is motivated to slant the market in his own favor to ensure that his traders post substantial losses. TradEqual will NOT operate in this way. TradEqual provides a peer-to-peer network and a trading environment which is open and user-friendly. Every trader can offer their own binary options to every other trader in their network. To connect the traders, TradEqual acts as the middle-man on this trading platform. When the traders make a profit, a small percentage is paid out as a fee to TradEqual.

There are no limits on the payouts that traders can earn, making TradEqual the most competitive binary options trading platform. A standard high/low binary option can deliver a 200% payout, or as much as 700%.
Address: 35-37 Ludgate Hill, City of London, London EC4M 7JN
Phone number: 020 3769 3582