LONDON, September 13, 2016

McKay Brothers International has reduced transatlantic latency on its Quincy Extreme Data (QED) service to the lowest available for financial market data services. QED’s new transatlantic fiber capability combined with McKay’s extremely low latency microwave on land in the US and across Europe sets a new speed benchmark for market data services. The improvement in transatlantic latency extends a long history of upgrades. The QED service is operating between Aurora, IL and Europe at unprecedented one-way speeds:

– To Slough-LD4, 34.619 milliseconds
– To Frankfurt-FR2, 36.917 ms
– To Marseilles, 41.444 ms

“We are thrilled to reduce latency while dramatically expanding QED’s transatlantic content,” says MBI Managing Director Francois Tyc. “We now distribute all QED’s US-sourced market data in the UK and all Europe-sourced data in New Jersey.”

The company continues to reduce microwave and wired latency worldwide, add content and extend its POP footprint. The latency between Aurora and Slough-LD4, for example, has been lowered by over 400 microseconds one-way in 2016. MBI recently added Euronext as a data source and plans to add more exchanges in 2016. It also opened new POPs in Madrid and Marseille, providing access to an important European trading center and a key gateway to Indian and Middle Eastern exchanges.

“Our subscribers value our efforts to improve and broaden the QED service,” continues Tyc. “We relentlessly reduce latency – whether on the McKay networks or with third party providers – while adding data sources, expanding content and commissioning new POPs.”

The QED service employs McKay Brothers’ lowest known latency microwave network between Chicago and New Jersey and MBI’s microwave network between the UK and Frankfurt. The transatlantic fiber interconnects these two wireless networks. The end-to-end service that spans Illinois, New Jersey, the UK, Spain, France and Germany offers the lowest latency for a market data service.

The QED service distributes market data from more exchanges than any microwave market data service. QED offers select data from eleven exchanges in the US and Europe and has more in development. The company’s sixteen points of presence are located at major trading hubs in Illinois, New Jersey, the UK, France, Spain and Germany.

About McKay Brothers International, SA

McKay Brothers International, SA is a proven provider of private wireless bandwidth and the leading distributor of extremely low latency microwave market data. The Quincy Extreme Data service is an integrated and normalized feed of select market data sourced from multiple financial exchanges globally and is offered in exchange colocation centers around the world.