LONDON, October 3, 2016

A partnership between Essentia Trading Ltd, Mott MacDonald and EY has signed a collaborative agreement to support the development of emerging healthcare requirements in Nanjing, capital of China’s eastern Jiangsu province.

Driven by continued growth, some of China’s largest cities are experiencing a major increase in the demand for the provision of world class healthcare. Many people now expect well-maintained facilities and efficient systems and they want to be more involved in the decisions that are made regarding their medical care. The impact of these changes has led to cities like Nanjing rethinking the future direction of their healthcare provision.

Working together with Nanjing’s Health and Government officials, the partnership will provide guidance on transforming healthcare provisions and clinical support services. This advice will seek to develop health infrastructure, hospitals, technology, staff development and business support.

Steve McGuire, Essentia’s CEO, said: “We’re all excited by this great opportunity to help Nanjing reform its health systems in order to deliver efficient, cost effective care to its growing population. Managing change is never easy, but with expert insight and advice wrapped up in NHS values we’re confident that we can make a real difference to individuals as well as infrastructure, technology and healthcare management teams.”

Richard Cantlay, Global Head of Healthcare Buildings at Mott MacDonald commented: “The opportunity to be involved in working alongside the NHS in helping deliver the vision to create a health provision designed to meet the health needs of a modern society with its changing demographics and disease prevalence is both exciting and interesting. This will require appropriate buildings and infrastructure which are designed for their optimal performance in use and allow clinical services to be provided in a safe, effective and affordable way with a focus on improving the patient experience.”

Richard Xie, EY International Health Unit Manager commented: “The Chinese healthcare sector is at a pivotal point where the government is determined to transform the system. The NHS brand is well regarded in China, NHS Trusts could play a leading role in exporting its wealthy knowledge and skills that would have a long lasting impact to the nation. The consortia we established for Nanjing International Health Service Community carry the mission of strengthening the collective UK international health offerings and delivering landmark results toward a better working Chinese healthcare system.”