Ultrasound Clinic

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Business profile: Our private clinic, situated in the heart of London, in Harley Street, offers its patients a professional and friendly medical environment in which to have the ultrasound scans they require. We have different scans for women and men who visit our clinic.

Our specialized sonographers will help you understand the images the scans produce, whether you are having a pelvic or an upper-abdominal scan, a carotid scan or a baby scan to see your baby for the first time.

If you feel you need to investigate your health on a deeper level, if you want to check on a particular aspect of your health and have a visual grasp on the way your body works, stop postponing and start phoning! Our Harley Street clinic is easy to find and our staff and latest technology will provide you with a comfortable and professional experience that will make sure you are in control of a healthy body! An ultrasound scan at the Harley Street Clinic is just what you need for a clear medical perspective.

Ultrasound Clinic

Address: 130 Harley Street, Marylebone, London W1G 7JU

Phone number: 020 7043 8113
Price Range: ££