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  • International Ultrasound Services – We offer a range of pregnancy ultrasound scans (early pregnancy scan, dating scan, growth scan and gender scan), abdominal scans, gynaecological ultrasound scans, thyroid scans, testicular scans, also MSK such as shoulder scan, hands and feet ultrasound scans as well as DVT and other vascular scans.
  • The Scan Clinic – We specialise in private ultrasound scans and multi-system health checks, to provide reassurance, diagnosis and specialist advice when you need it most.
  • Private Ultrasound – We offer high quality yet affordable private scans in a friendly, professional environment. All scans are performed by our own fully qualified and experienced sonographers, registered with Royal College of Radiographers.
  • Ultrasound Direct – The leading providers of ultrasound scans in London, with friendly healthcare professionals and state of the art facilities and technology. We have NHS provider status, being externally audited by the official regulator.
  • London Ultrasound Centre – An independent private scanning clinic for women in the heart of London’s private healthcare district. The clinic is led by an expert fetal medicine specialist who has a popular private practice delivering babies from high risk pregnancies.
  • Ultrasound Clinic – We offers our patients a professional and friendly medical environment in which to have the ultrasound scans they require. Our specialized sonographers will help you understand the images the scans produce, whether you are having a pelvic or an upper-abdominal scan, a carotid scan or a baby scan to see your baby for the first time.