LONDON, October 18, 2016

Unisys Appointment Manager Moves to Microsoft Azure for Enhanced Customer Experience, Reduced Costs and Increased Productivity. New versions of Appointment Manager are now available to financial institutions of all sizes to improve customer engagement and sales.

Unisys Corporation today announced that its Appointment Manager (AM) solution for financial services institutions is now available via the Microsoft Azure public cloud service. AM manages all aspects of a customer’s appointment from initial contact, to automated reminders, through to completion of the appointment.

AM correlates adviser capabilities, location, and customer requirements to ensure the appropriate person is assigned to each appointment. AM is used today by banks and building societies, and is proven to improve customer experience, increase advisor productivity and grow sales.

AM’s new cloud delivery model supports organizations of all sizes. The cloud delivery model enables pay-for-use billing and immediate access and availability of the solution, allowing for greater agility at a reduced cost. Additionally, small and medium organizations will particularly benefit from AM’s capabilities that were originally developed for larger enterprise clients, such as Nationwide, the world’s largest building society.

Unisys differentiates AM by offering options to integrate with the client’s own environment, enabling single sign-on, corporate email and enterprise system interoperability. AM provides the ability to optimize the customer journey using real-time information to better engage with customers and has been extended to include video conferencing management. This offers customers another channel to interact, but also increasing advisor productivity by enabling them to support remote appointments.

Security is a critical factor for financial institutions, especially when considering using public cloud services. To mitigate threats, Unisys Stealth® integrates with AM using identity-based micro-segmentation techniques and encryption to create segments within an organization where only authorized users can access information, while those without authorization cannot even see that those endpoints exist.

About Unisys

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