Viant Launches All-New People-Based Solutions for Auto, Retail and Financial

LONDON, July 28, 2016

Viant, a Time Inc. people-based advertising technology company, today announced a major enhancement to the breadth and depth of data available within its Identity Management Platform (IMP), part of the Viant Advertising Cloud™. The new deterministic data integrations feature an exclusive partnership with the breakdown and insurance service RAC, providing deep insights into vehicle purchase and ownership data. In addition, a partnership with Epsilon, the world’s premier credit card information database provides unparalleled consumer purchase information, positioning Viant’s Identity Management Platform as one of the most powerful on-boarding and customer segmentation tools available to UK marketers.

The data integrations from the automotive, retail and financial sectors are focused on assisting marketers by providing increased scale, leveraging registered users and maximising advertising impact by replacing the less-reliable, probabilistic, cookie-based approach to reaching users online.

Christian Taylor, Chief Insight Officer at RAC said: “Our integration with Viant is a great step towards offering the kind of people-based marketing campaigns that benefit both consumers and brand advertisers, and we’re delighted to be able to offer this data exclusively for online advertising through Viant in the UK.”

Katie Field, UK MD at Viant said: “Sealing a partnership with such valuable data sources as the RAC exclusively – plus our new finance and retail data partners – is a great step for Viant and its clients, who will be able to link this data to registered individuals online. A marketers’ job is to put customers at the heart of their marketing strategy and our people-based marketing approach truly enables them to put that strategy into action – both online and offline.”

For marketers without access to first-party data, Viant also provides the capability to build unique audience segments, as well as match and reach consumers using Viant’s large registered user base, linking back to 24.5m individuals in the UK.

Whether matched against a marketer’s own data set or used solely on its own, the IMP enables marketers to define and reach audience segments based on both offline and online activity. These activities include product purchase history, credit transactions, financial, lifestyle, vehicle ownership, and a wide range of detailed demographic characteristics.

About Viant

Viant Technology LLC is a premier people-based advertising technology company, enabling marketers to plan, execute and measure their digital media investments through a cloud-based platform. Built on a foundation of people instead of cookies, the Viant Advertising Cloud™ provides marketers with access to over 1.2 billion registered users, one of the largest registered user databases in the world, infusing accuracy, reach and accountability into cross device advertising. Founded in 1999, Viant owns and operates several leading digital ad technology and media companies, including Vindico and Myspace, and it is a member of the Xumo joint venture. In 2016, Viant became a subsidiary of Time Inc., one of the world’s leading media companies with over 100 influential brands including People, Sports Illustrated, Fortune and Time.