LONDON, February 6, 2017

ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solution products, announces its collaboration with dizmo which will launch with ViewSonic’s ViewBoard digital whiteboard from the company’s Interactive Flat Panel display line at ISE 2017.

“We are excited to be teaming up with dizmo with the launch of our ViewBoard digital whiteboard at ISE 2017. The collaboration will allow our users to utilize dizmo’s innovative digital workspace software on our ViewBoard displays, transforming team collaboration as we know it”, said Brian Wei, ViewSonic’s Director of Commercial Displays & Solutions, Europe. “We look forward to combining our expertise in display with dizmo’s state of the art software to provide a more dynamic user experience to the corporate and educational workspace.”

ViewSonic’s ViewBoard digital whiteboards, also available in screen sizes of 75″ and 86″, fall under the company’s Interactive Flat Panel line and are focused on providing dynamic collaborative solutions in the corporate and education sectors. ViewBoard comes with an embedded computer which provides users with easy installation and connection. Its 20-point touch response functionality makes ViewBoard a versatile collaborative tool that allows multiple users to interact on the panel simultaneously. This functionality, combined with the dizmo software, makes the ViewBoard a “must have” in huddle rooms, conference centers, or any space aimed at increasing interactivity with data and team engagement.

As a workspace technology, dizmo allows data to be sourced from any input – web feed, video stream, a Google Doc, Slack, Jira or other collaboration apps – and represented on a unified surface, anywhere on any OS or device. Dizmo also supports app to app communication, making data more interactive and intuitive.

“Dizmo is the Interface of Things; a user-definable, disruptive, multi-purpose digital workspace that transforms the way we interact with data, content, apps and connected “Things”. It’s about making data more humanly intuitive, relevant, shareable and actionable” said Luigi Mantellassi, CMO & Co-Founder at dizmo. “At ISE 2017 we will showcase how beneficial dizmo’s digital workspace can be for collaboration when paired with ViewSonic displays.”

ViewSonic‘s Interactive Flat Panel display users will now be able to leverage dizmo’s digital workspace software to get more out of their display capabilities. The flexibility to integrate multiple data types from multiple sources will allow users to transform their digital display into an interactive, collaborative, future-proof workspace.