LONDON, March 30, 2017

VIPole, the global provider of cloud-based and on-premise encrypted collaboration solutions, has announced the highly anticipated launch of its screen sharing service along with improved video conferencing in HD format. Now users worldwide can get a unique experience with video streams that are both high quality and secure.

In VIPole, each time a video starts encrypted tunnels are created to protect data flows. To make sure multimedia streams are received by addressed recipients, session keys are used to read and write data within secure channels. These keys are sent encrypted inside secure containers and can not be decrypted by anyone other than legitimate participants.

At heart of VIPole technologies lies end-to-end encryption and advanced security controls for additional multi-layer security. Encryption is applied to all communications within the system – messaging, calls, video and file sharing – ensuring safety at all nodes of data transmission. Thereby flows are encrypted on sender’s side, transmitted unchanged via server and decrypted on the recipient’s side.

“Targeting rival solutions, VIPole is tending to be ahead of the market with wider functionality and comprehensive security,” says Christopher Miller head of development at VIPole. “While big players like Signal and Telegram are just working on their betas for calls and video, VIPole is enhancing the system and bringing its technologies to the next level.”

“Most services are only good at one thing, such as only messaging or calls, so users often have to toggle between different tools which results in low security and opens the door to vulnerabilities” he continues.

Although VIPole Secure Messenger is available on the mass market, the company is pushing deeper into the collaboration market to broaden its appeal to business customers. In addition to messaging, group discussions, video, calls, file exchange and now screen sharing, VIPole offers a comprehensive set of tools and features, such a password manager, notes, a daily planner, encrypted storage and file exchange all-in-one platform which makes team collaboration easy, secure and convenient.

VIPole is available for free in a basic version. Price plans start at $5.99 per month, with a higher tier from team accounts to standalone on-premise solutions for SMEs and enterprises featuring unlimited functionality with advanced admins panel for granular control and complete security.