LONDON, September 14, 2016

Leading audience data provider VisualDNA is launching Audiences With Personality, a major new classification of audience buying behaviors, to help media agencies and publishers optimize advertising performance at scale.

Responding to calls for a revolution of the programmatic sector and the rise in demand for people-based marketing, VisualDNA are unveiling their Audiences With Personality at dmexco in Cologne this week. Designed by psychologists and digital advertising experts, these new audience segments enable the delivery of advertising campaigns to better-defined audiences, and as a result help increase campaign performance.

A key focus of the new taxonomy is VisualDNA’s Shopping Personalities. Current approaches to online targeting often focus on age, gender, location and browsing patterns, not motivations or habits. These Shopping Personalities enable the advertiser to do just that, target adverts at scale to these core but diverse human traits. The new segments such as Impulsive Shoppers, Trendsetters and Research Purchasers optimise academically proven psychological testing techniques. As an example, the Trendsetter segment is made up of profiles that show high levels of openness and extroversion.

Other major new segments include IAB Tier 1, Social Media, Gambling, Gifting Habits, Wearable Tech, Pets, Charities, US States and Political & Social Concerns.

Jim Hodgkins, Managing Director of VisualDNA commented “Audiences With Personality is a leap forward in translating VisualDNA’s ten year investment in psychological profiling into valuable audiences that marketers will relate to. In response to client demands we have focussed on the requirements of agencies, publishers, brand planners and media traders to launch the new taxonomy.”

VisualDNA offers high scale audiences in the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Canada for web and mobile advertising. These new segments are available from 14 September in DBM, AppNexus and MediaMath and will be rolled out across VisualDNA’s 100+ platform partners.

About VisualDNA

VisualDNA is a marketing technology company combining the science of psychology with the technology of big data so brands, agencies and publishers can understand and better target their digital audience at scale. VisualDNA uses innovative and patented visual personality profile tests to gather profiles directly from consumers. We use predictive analytics across 650m global digital profiles to power advertising audiences across display, video, search and in both desktop and mobile channels. Over 80 of the top 100 digital advertisers target digital advertising with VisualDNA audience data in verticals including retail, finance, travel, entertainment, auto and technology.