LONDON, June 16, 2016

Leading data provider launches a major growth of their European audience profiles enabling greater scale for digital campaigns

VisualDNA reaches 400 million European audience profiles. By growing their French (65m), Italian (50m) and Spanish (45m) audience profiles, VisualDNA becomes a leading data provider across the region. This joins the 68m profiles for Germany, 125m profiles for the UK and 130m for the US.

VisualDNA, known for its unique personality based audience data, and detailed demographic, interest, intent and brand based segments, has seen an increase in requests from trading desks for these European regions. As a result, VisualDNA has scaled up its European profiles. Advertising agencies, brands and publishers alike can now take advantage of the tremendous scale of VisualDNA’s audiences.

Jim Hodgkins, VisualDNA’s Managing Director of Marketing Services commented “This major release of European audiences will hugely benefit those targeting their digital campaigns in Europe at scale. VisualDNA’s breadth of data from personality to demographics and from brand to intent, enables planners and traders to easily scale up their campaigns choosing across a vast range of segments within our taxonomy.”

The new European audience profiles are available in over 20 major ad tech platforms from today. Learn more here or get in touch with VisualDNA to see how this European expansion can help you.

About VisualDNA

VisualDNA brings together big data and psychology to reveal more about people and why they do what they do. VisualDNA work with advertising agencies, brands and publishers to provide audiences for digital campaigns, audience profiling and campaign uplift results. Their unique methodology of collecting data through personality quizzes enables VisualDNA to offer psychographic, demographic, interest, intent and brand intent to its clients.