Vivid Technologies Appoint Freddie Achom as Non-Executive Chairman

LONDON, September 19, 2016

Vivid Technologies, the Pakistani originated customer services tech start-up, has named Freddie Achom as its new Non-Executive Chairman. As part of the company’s plans to expand into the Middle East telecoms sector and other developing markets. Achom has been brought on to advise Founder Omer Khan and the Vivid board.

The appointment follows a recent joint venture exclusive agency distribution agreement between the company and Kuwait-based Media Phone Plus that will serve the Kuwait, Bahrain and Iraq region of the Middle East. Freddie Achom comes with a wealth of experience within the venture investment and financial services sector. He is the CEO and Founder of Rosemont Group Capital Partners who last year invested in the company alongside Sunbridge Ventures, Telefonica and Conrad Labs.

“The Vivid team has made good inroads into the telecom sector, with particular focus on Middle East and I believe the technology is much needed to move the antiquated IVR technology into the new age. I am pleased to join the board and keen to assist in road-mapping and implementing the growth strategies within the region,” said Rosemont Group Capital Partners’ Freddie Achom. “Of course, safeguarding our investment is always paramount but we are also very excited to be active in bringing this groundbreaking technology to the forefront.”

Vivid Technologies, previously incubated at Plan9 and accelerated at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship, before joining Microsoft Ventures and Google’s BlackBox Connect programme, is poised to disrupt the industry with its revolutionary new innovative cloud-based technology, adapting the traditional customer service IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems into an interactive, visual and touch experience, completely transforming the customer service experience.

“With a wealth of experience and knowledge Freddie’s contribution to the team will be of insurmountable importance,” said Vivid Technologies CEO, Omer Khan. “This appointment undoubtedly will help take the company to the next level by drawing on his wealth of experience in helping companies to scale up. It marks a significant milestone for Vivid Technologies to have such an accomplished visionary on board at this juncture where the company is going from strength to strength. With his addition we are another step closer to achieving our goals.”