VPNsandmore.com Extends Partnership With PFS

LONDON, January 19, 2017

VPNsandmore.com has extended it partnership with Prepaid Financial Services (PFS), an e-money and alternative banking provider, to offer Direct Debit payment solution to over 15,000 of its customers.

VPNsandmore.com is Europe’s leading supplier of expatriate management services, including issuing satellite television viewing cards, internet services, and VPNs. Partnering with PFS has enabled VPNsandmore.com customers to continue to pay for UK services via an alternative banking solution, allowing them complete control of their spending while abroad.

Steven Rose, Sales Director, VPNsandmore.com said: “It’s not always easy to manage finances in the UK when you live abroad. Our relationship with PFS has continued to evolve and over the years we have had a number of payment methods which PFS have facilitated on our behalf. Initially, we used physical prepaid cards, but most recently the facilitation of Direct Debit payments has added an even more efficient means by which our customers can make their payments.”

Mr. Rose concluded: “This additional service has made things quite a lot easier for both ourselves and our customers as there are no expiration date on Direct Debit accounts, unlike the original physical and virtual prepaid cards.”

Noel Moran, CEO, PFS said: “We first started working with VPNsandmore.com in 2011 and as PFS’s FinTech solutions evolved, we identified several of our clients who would benefit hugely from using our Direct Debit payment facilities. VPNsandmore.com was a natural fit due to the locational restrictions of its customers.”