LONDON, October 10, 2016

With the opening of their new European headquarters in London, UK, VTEX has solidified its place in the international digital commerce market. To further promote its commitment to providing global digital commerce solutions with a localised approach, VTEX is proud to announce that it is this year’s sponsor for the Internet Retailer Conference post-event retail dinner. Thirty decision makers from top UK and Latin American e-retailers will attend the networking dinner that concludes a series of talks and workshops about defining the global digital commerce landscape in 2016.

As an industry leader, VTEX helps brands and retailers to expand globally, especially in emerging markets. The decision to sponsor the event stems from VTEX’s search for innovators who see recent market changes caused by Brexit as a chance to make new and smart choices to speed up time-to-market in simple, efficient ways.

With potential economic upsets like Brexit, and CAPEX limitations placed on brands and retailers, VTEX understands how cloud-based solutions with minimal upfront costs are an ideal replacement for legacy on-premise solutions. To further their expertise in the field, VTEX and Internet Retailing will publish a survey for retailers and brands affected by Brexit, collecting detailed information on import/export and cross-border activity.

Mariano Gomide de Faria, founder and co-CEO of VTEX, is also head of the London office: “It is almost impossible to expand digital commerce globally with a localised approach using the legacy on-premise software that brands and retailers have right now,” says Gomide. “VTEX fills this void by providing a digital commerce platform that enables retailers and brands to easily expand to over 45 countries in a very localised way. If retailers want to go abroad, they should do it with VTEX.”

The market disruption caused by Brexit has led many UK retailers to revisit digital commerce processes in order to maintain their position in existing markets and break into emerging markets. As a result, efficient digital commerce solutions such as those offered by VTEX, are more important than ever for UK companies with a global expansion vision.

About VTEX

VTEX is the only True Cloud Commerce platform in the digital commerce market with an auto-scaling elastic cloud infrastructure that leads to higher conversion rates, stronger customer loyalty and lower TCO. With the addition of the exclusive patent-pending SmartCheckout™ technology- a secure, intuitive and easy password-free process, brands and retailers running the VTEX platform see a 31% increase in conversion rates and a significantly lower rate of cart abandonment. Since 2000, its pioneering R&D teams have provided customers all over the world with an end-to-end, fully-adaptable omni-channel platform solution that keeps pace with ever-changing customer expectations. VTEX has been recognised for its innovative approach by Gartner, Inc. and Forrester Research and is trusted by over 800 clients including Walmart, Danone, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Pandora, Avon and Lego.